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Nicole Atkins, President and CEO

It is with great pride that we announce that Unique has been named One of The Best Places to Work in Indiana for 2015, by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce.


Competing for that designation required lots of data gathering and significant input from our employees. The great result is that we get to brag a little to our most important constituents—YOU! Because we know that how our employees feel about their jobs largely determines the quality of our service to you.

In a very real way, the premise of our business hinges on the Golden Rule. We treat others—all others—the way we would like to be treated. Truly. An axiom, proven at UMS, is that everything starts at the top. When Lyle Stucki and Charlie Gary created Unique, some 20 years ago, library professionals, like you, told them what it would take to earn their trust. Paramount among those requirements was (and still is) patron goodwill. Our approach to recovering materials from recalcitrant patrons had to be gentle and respectful at all times and not alienate them from their library, in any way. That requirement fit Lyle and Charlie’s values like a hand-in-glove. Moreover, they knew that modeling the behavior they expected from employees was essential. They didn’t just talk the talk, they walked the walk. Today, we don’t just treat people well because it’s policy. We treat people well because it is who we are—to our customers, patrons and each other.

The ethic of respect, honesty and kindness have a curious and demonstrable magnetic effect…prospective employees gravitate to that environment and find a home wherein they can flourish—personally and professionally. A job becomes more than “just a job”. It becomes a platform for contributing one’s talents and strengths and sharing in the spirit of helping our customers succeed. Our employee turnover rate at UMS is less than 1/3 the national average. When someone is selected to join our team, they almost always engage our mission and excel. It is gratifying when we hear from a customer about a job well done or receive a compliment about an employee. Knowing that we “carry the mail” for you validates our reason for coming to work everyday.

So, making Indiana’s list of Best Places to Work is in itself awesome, but more poignantly, it demonstrates that doing the right thing the right way illumines the room for everyone.

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