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Kent Smallwood, Customer Service Account Manager


“How are we going to handle the extended hours in our main library?” “We just opened a new branch/location, where are we going to get all the staff hours we need to provide the best Customer Service possible?”  “Summer Programs are getting ready to start, how are we going to have enough staff coverage?”

These are great questions! They show the library is expanding and innovating great service/programs to all patrons. The problem often comes in having, and affording, enough staff hours to handle all the positive changes.  For those questions, UIC has answers!

Unique Integrate Communications (UIC) i s a fully managed solution entirely focused on patron interaction. We refer to our solution protocol as—UIC Answers.

UIC Answers will help the library by handling the questions patrons ask over the phone. With a totally managed service from our offices, UIC Answers can significantly reduce the time required for library staff to deal with routine calls, allowing them to focus on the patrons and programs inside the library.

With UIC Answers, patron calls are routed from the library to UIC.  Our Patron Service Specialists will answer as an extension of the library, creating a seamless experience for your patrons. Item Renewals, Hold Placement/Cancellation, Fine Payment, Hours/Locations/Directions, Program Information/Registration, and countless other routine calls can be efficiently handled by the UIC Staff.

Calls are handled on time, every time with no patron voice mails required. Courteous, competent, consistent.

As a current client, Michael Cox, Director of Public Services, at Pueblo City-County Library District said, “With three new branch libraries opening last year, we knew we could count on UIC to seamlessly and expertly handle the additional phone traffic generated by the new locations. UIC has allowed our staff to fully focus on welcoming and engaging the new customers visiting the branches in person every day.”

When library Customer Service needs  an uptick, UIC Answers will provide an additional avenue for the library to handle their already excellent Customer Service. The fully hosted and managed service with pricing based solely on usage, is a cost-effective solution to the library’s current and future needs.

Give us a call or check us out online at http://www.librarycalls.com/!!

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