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We partner exclusively with libraries to effectively recover materials, fines, and fees, while preserving patron goodwill through our Gentle Nudge® process. With almost 30 years of experience, we understand the particular needs and concerns of libraries. Our process saves you time through extensive automation, while remaining budget-friendly thanks to the considerable fiscal value of asset recovery.

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Library Testimonials



“So far, Lee County’s residents have been supportive of the library’s new strategy, Leavy said. ‘When people realize it’s their tax dollars we’re trying to protect, they haven’t objected at all,’ she said. ‘When people keep things, it denies someone else access.'”


“Steel Library Card In Velvet Glove.”


” The Book Stops Here: Latteland’s Oh-So-Polite Librarians Find Themselves In A Bind: Having To Get Tough On Overdue Titles.”


“Bringing Back Those Books: This Collection Agency Does Fine Work-Rounding Up Recalcitrant Library Users,”

A Gentle Nudge®

Libraries provide a crucial service to their communities, but in turn depend on the patronage of the community to function. We recognize the pressure that can exist between the desire to manage tax dollars while maintaining an accommodating mindset toward each individual patron. Our grasp of this difficulty informs our Gentle Nudge® process from beginning to end. Our process has been carefully designed to meet the unique needs of libraries by effectively working to recover assets, while preserving patron dignity and goodwill.



Unique’s process involves a series of letters designed to respectfully remind patrons of their material and financial obligations. The letters make it clear that a debt is owed, but their overall tenor is a gracious invitation for patrons to return and renew their good standing with the library. You can see a sample letter here.


Skip Tracing

As you know, keeping current contact information for patrons is a constant challenge. That’s why Unique makes use of the best skip tracing services in the industry to identify up-to-date address and phone number information—helping ensure that each contact finds the patron. Multiple rounds of rigorous skip tracing are included in the Gentle Nudge ® process.



The Unique process also consists of a series of phone calls placed from our contact center in Jeffersonville, IN. Continuing in the tone of our letters, our specialists are trained to remind patrons of their material and financial obligations while cordially inviting them back to the library; thoughtfully preserving the patron relationship throughout.


Compliant and Courteous

All patron interactions comply with applicable regulations. Among other things, that means we will never harass or deceive a patron in order to collect a debt. We push ourselves to govern all patron contact by the golden rule—”Treat others the way you would like to be treated.” That principle is the essence of the Gentle Nudge® process.

Additional Services

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Unique Integrated Communications is the communications division of the Unique Family. UIC is focused on enhancing the patron experience through phone- and chat-based customer service solutions. Our seamless integration with the library means patrons are assisted in a consistent, timely manner, while on-site staff are enabled to spend more time on valuable face-to-face interaction. Full hosting, tailored service packages, and usage-based pricing make UIC an affordable and indispensable partner.


In order to further meet the needs of our partner libraries, we have developed a supplemental Small Balance program to help recover assets on accounts whose total balance falls below the scope of the $ 25 minimum of the Gentle Nudge® process. This is an effort to reach those patrons whose balance is not large enough to send to collections, but is large enough for their use of the library to be interrupted by blocks. The tone of contacts made for accounts in the Small Balance program is appropriately scaled back to reflect the $10 – $24.99 target balances being recovered.


Unique offers various data services, including contact information updates of your entire patron database. Geotag data can also be attached to your patron database, which can be invaluable for planning outreach, advertising strategies, and new branch locations.


From mailed letters, to phone, email, or even text messages—Unique offers several efficient, effective, custom tailored solutions for library notices. Free up valuable time by taking advantage of our extensive automation capabilities to outsource your entire pre-collections notice process.


Convenience Through Innovation

Unique understands the value of your time. Our hard-earned mastery of relevant technologies enables us to process your data in an efficient, patron-friendly manner. We utilize our Strategic Partnerships with all of the foremost library software vendors to optimize your software configuration for automation, accuracy, and ease of use.

Convenience is a major part of what we offer.

Our Mission

As the leading material-recovery service for libraries, Unique will grow through constant dedication to excellence in customer service, quality, value, and strategic partnerships.

We will build our reputation on...

Effective and Flexible Solutions 



Creative Use of Technology 

The Highest Professional and Ethical Standards 

Competitive Pricing 

Ready to learn more?

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